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Safe in the Real World

“Excellent and wish I had more opportunities to train/learn from Kerry. Would sure like to bring my family to your class(es) in the future. I have a wife and two daughters that need exposure to this content. Many thanks to you and your team.”

“I thought the class was fantastic! I immediately went home to try and teach my family all that I learned. The duct tape trick sure did impress! Thank you Kerry!!”

“I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you to Kerry and his team for the practical techniques and easy to follow steps for us Joe and Jane Citizens to effectively defend ourselves. It was a fantastic hands on class with newly acquired skills gained that can save our lives.”

“Appreciate your time for Saturday’s presentation Kerry! I feel more equipped with knowledge and skills than I did prior to your presentation.”

“Great presentation Kerry, learned a lot…Thank you!”

“Kerry, thank you for such a wonderfully informative presentation.”

“Terrific class. Kerry presented everything in a clear, concise, easy to understand style. Learned so much that I can use!”

Be safe or Be Dead!

Water, Water, Water

“Great job Team! Thanks for sharing your warehouse of knowledge with us.”

“Outstanding evening, as usual. Thanks for the good, hard work you guys put into these events. They are much appreciated!”

“Great info! Always learn so much. I appreciate all the information!”

Let there be Light

“Kerry did a fantastic job as we are accustomed to. Awesome 10+.”

“Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let there be Kerry to teach us how to see in the shadows.”

“Another informative and fun night. Thanks so much Kerry for such a thoroughly illuminating presentation.”

“Lots of good information and ideas, as always. Kerry was a great speaker. Love the input from multiple individuals also.”

Buckets, Bins, and Shelves – Get Organized

“Encyclopedia knowledge about types, shapes, uses, tricks and tips. Wild topic night. I took 4 solid pages of notes. YOU missed a really unique one members.”

“Bucketry 101 was awesome! Good to see you!”

Knives, Blades, Edges and Uses

“It was excellent. Very informative and enjoyable, great group of people.”

“Another outstanding training session. Many thanks to Kerry.”

“Great job by the presenter. Thank you.”

“Great event. Kerry did a fantastic job of going over the massive selection and styles of knives out there.”

“We learned a lot Kerry. Thanks, good job.”

“Kerry was amazing and informative. I not only learned about the variety of types of knives and their uses, I brought mine and had the master appraise them. Let’s just say if I knew then what I know now. Thanks Kerry for another great event.”

“Fantastic job! Kerry is a wealth of knowledge…thank you!”

“Thank you Kerry for a most informative presentation.”

How to Carry All That Stuff

“One of the best presentations I have ever attended. And to think I almost missed it because of a calendar conflict. Kerry you really hit a home run — again. I thought it would be kind of repeat but you brought in areas and styles I hadn’t even known about. My favorite was the jacket that had the extra middle lining so the outer layers of cloth didn’t sag or show. Your EDC was even better than last time. You keep on evolving. Thanks for sharing your efforts.”

“Instructional and fun too.”

“Marvelous, quality content presentation as per usual! Great job, Kerry, thanks for putting this evening together.”

“I know more now than when I first walked in… Way to go Kerry, thanks!”

“As usual, great job Kerry. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to put together such an informative presentation.”

Blankets, Boots & Blades

“Very informative.”

“Kerry did a terrific presentation! He is so prepared and his presentations are designed to really get down to the real relevant points and not spin his wheels. Great job and jam-packed with really useful and valuable info. Just about wore out my pen taking notes.”

“Thank you for a great workshop, Kerry. It was very informative!”

“Very well presented. Lots of examples passed around. Good info all around.”

“Kerry is a knowledgeable guy with excellent suggestions on items you typically don’t think about. He’s an awesome communicator and I have no doubt you will come away with useful knowledge if you attend this meetup.”

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