site-logo-1-copy Preparing your family for greater safety and comfort everyday – even those days which may include an occasional disaster.

Many years ago, a diverse group of individuals came together to train in a martial art known as Anjing Banfa. We trained together, played together, traveled together, entered business relationships together.

Our homes were sanctuaries to all who trained with us. Through the years, we continued to learn and expanded our focus to include survival skills. In negotiating these dual paths, we learned that life is not about fighting or surviving – but rather about being safe with your friends and family. Loved ones gather together in times of grief and personal challenge. Through fires, earthquakes, floods, wind storms and occasional vehicle challenges, we began to evolve first  responder/law enforcement/military protocols to develop the communication tools that worked best for small groups and individual family units.

We have worked with and learned with many of the top professionals in these fields over the past decade. The result is a series of greatly simplified approaches to keeping you safe in the real world, getting your family back together during a disaster, and setting your home up as a primary refuge. We eliminate the armchair philosophers and provide reality focused programs that are easy for everyone to follow.

Your primary contact will be Kerry Lewis, the founder and lead harbinger for the Family Safety Group. He asks us to forget his training in the combat martial arts and primitive survival. What is important is that he wants to help others survive the worst moments that may befall their lives. As Kerry often says at the beginning of presentations, his credentials are meaningless – you will know at the end of the presentation that what he teaches you is meaningful and usable.

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